Are you looking for an English Springer Spaniel to join your family? For over two decades Springer Haven has provided healthy English Springer Spaniels for hundreds of families in the US. We specialize in breeding field and bench Springer Spaniels. We hope the Springer Haven reviews below, shared by authentic owners of Springer Haven dogs, will help you decide if a Springer Haven spaniel is the right one for you. You can contact us or send your own review by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Review of Springer Haven puppy

7/22/2021: Hi Linda and Ralph!  Just wanted to touch base and send a photo of Jack on his first birthday today!  We love him very much!  He is a perfect addition to our family! Thank you so much for everything!❤️ -Eleanor

Review of two Springer Haven puppies

7/17/2021: You guys are the best! Thank you again so much!!! We see that unlike most breeders we have encountered, you truly care about and love this breed like we do. We’ve had Springers over the past 30 years and there’s no comparison to the other breeds. If you need a reference for your business or website please feel free to use us.

Springer Haven review about Scout

4/21/2021: Just wanted to let you know how much we love our puppy Scout! We have all bonded very well. He is smart and obedient. He is 4 months now and 24 lbs! He has fit well into our lifestyle. He gets plenty of exercise on our 3 acres. He loves the water and is socializing well with other people and dogs. So thank you for making us very happy with our decision.
~Mike and Kathy Kandefer
Lake View, NY.

Springer Haven Review about Crosby

1/29/2021: We bought Crosby 8 years ago. We couldn’t imagine life without him. He is the sweetest, silliest dog. Thank you Linda and Ralph.

~ Karen Sweatt-Jonza

12/24/2020: We purchased 2 puppies from Springer Haven! The dogs are absolutely beautiful, very smart and we love them dearly. Linda and Ralph were very helpful and accommodating. We actually leave the dogs with them whenever we travel South. Highly recommend Springer Haven!

~Judy Addabbo Mangino

Springer Haven Review about Izzy

12/23/2020: I have my baby girl Izzy from Springer Haven. She is the best little companion you can ask for and cute as a button. I recommend them highly.

~Gerry Finelli

Springer Haven Review about Lukie

6/17/2020: I love my Lukie…He was so easy to train. Very kind, intelligent, and loving.

~Vicki White

Springer Haven review by Megan Sylvia

9/15/2020: I got my first Springer from Springer Haven at 12 years old as a Christmas present. It was the best gift I have ever gotten. Our dog was so well behaved people would comment about it all the time. “Wow you really have an amazing dog” Ralph and Linda were the ones to thank for her amazing behavior. They taught us so much about training before we took her home. Unfortunately she passed away years ago. It broke our hearts, and to this day our family and friends still talk about how amazing our pup was. She really left an impact on our lives growing up….

Springer Haven Review

…A few months ago me and my bf were talking about getting a puppy so I decided to call up Springer Haven and see if they had any puppies available. Linda and Ralph greeted us with opened arms even during Covid. They took caution with showing us the puppies. We picked the one we wanted, he was only a week old so we had to wait.

We were able to come visit our little pup once a week. Man did he grow fast. Every time we went Linda and Ralph would explain how to care for him and what to expect…

…Little did I know that my bf was planning on proposing to me with the puppy. Linda and Ralph helped him set everything up. It was very cute.

I can’t speak more highly of Springer Haven! If you’re looking for an English Springer Spaniel for your next pup this is definitely the place to go. They have so much knowledge and understanding of this breed and their Springers are so well behaved.

~Megan Sylvia

12/20/2020: We just took home our second puppy from Ralph and Linda. Their dogs are simply wonderful. After working with Ralph and Linda for over seven years, I can tell you they are completely invested in the care and support your dog for his/her life. They have always been there for us. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a loving and trusted companion to your home.

~ Bob Severance

12/23/2020: We have a Springer from Springer Haven, and we absolutely love him. Finley is a 2-year-old bundle of joy. Great family dog and excellent hunting pheasant. Very smart and always eager to please. I have never owned a dog like him and can’t imagine our life without him.

~ Laura Guinan Ashe

Springer Haven Review about Rocky and Gracie

12/25/2019: We have Gracie who is 2 years old now and Rocky who was born in July. We are very pleased with our experience with Ralph and Linda. They sent us home with everything we needed for our dogs and have answered all of our questions about the dogs. They love when we bring them back to visit and if we need them for anything day or night they are available for us. Thank you so much Linda & Ralph.

~Debi Tice Kowalczik

8/23/2019: Ralph and Linda are exceptionally knowledgeable dog breeders, and they have the results to prove it: beautiful, healthy Springer Spaniels! If you are seeking a new companion– and even if you are not sure that you are!– I highly recommend paying them a visit. They are sensitive to those who love dogs and will match your preferences to one of their little fur babies.

Sherman is now 20 months, and really has grown into a beautiful Springer. You can see the championship of his father in his stance! He is very smart– knows over 100 different words– can “howl” on command, and loves his cousin, “Dude!” He becomes alert when I mention his mother, “Mabel”, too. And he loves Linda and Ralph!

~Randy Green

9/1/2018: Absolutely everything! My heart is broken as my beloved Charlie passed away this weekend at 11+ totally joyful years of age. Linda and Ralph were awesome when I drove my folks from NH to choose their 5th English Springer Spaniel (first was 69 years ago as a wedding gift!) My parents were in their later years, but lived with me —and we passed their careful scrutiny and drove home with a black and white male…named Charlie during our 5 hour trip home.

Charlie became an unofficial service dog for my blind Dad…and when Dad became a double amputee, Charlie retrieved remotes, slippers, opened pocket doors, but most of all he was my Dad’s best buddy.

After both my parents passed in one year, Charlie and I were inseparable. He loved rides in my little ragtop MB letting his long silky ears blow in the open car. That little dog napped with any number at a time of my 6 special needs rescue cats…and was so sweet with my 4 grandchildren under age 3. While my heart is empty without my best buddy to walk the trails with the deer, chase turkeys and chipmunks…I have wonderful memories of my beautiful Springer. They truly are special dogs. Thank you Linda and Ralph.

~Candace Boulay

8/31/2018: We have bought three Springer Spaniels from them and they are the best lovable dogs to own.

~Dorothy Shannon

12/27/2017: My family has been getting dogs from this breeder for years. There is no one else we would trust…Here are breeders that love and care for their dogs. All of our business has been professional and clear. I would and have recommended them to anyone looking for a loving addition to their family. If anyone has questions, I would gladly speak to their character and business.

~Rebecca Ralph-Farella

12/26/2017: Ralph and Linda’s Springers are well-bred, friendly and just beautiful dogs. We got our Sebastian two years ago and one year later brought in our second springer Molly. They are very healthy, loyal and loving companions to our family.

Linda and Ralph prepared us with extensive information and supplies for an easy transition for both our family and the dogs. They are available 24/7 for any questions or concerns we might have. We still call them just to pick their brains from time to time. Linda and Ralph don’t place their dogs with just anyone. Their extensive questionnaire ensures that their dogs go to suitable families and that it is a correct fit for both the dog and the owner. We have recommended spring Haven to our friends and family on numerous occasions. Everyone always walks away happy! We are so happy we found them!!

~Jana Stasova-Harrington

12/26/2017: Springer Haven treats their dogs and puppies like part of the family, raised in their home and nurtured with love and devotion. Linda and Ralph do their utmost to place their puppies in homes that will give them the care they deserve. Happy owners and repeat customers are proof of the quality and compassion they extend.

~Karen O’Shea

4/24/2017: Our Springer Haven Springers are 5 and 7 now, and I couldn’t imagine a better pair of family dogs!

~David Maschke

Springer Haven Review by Elena Bird

11/9/2018: We got a fantastic dog from Linda and Ralph. They were so understanding that we’d just lost our other dog and helped watch the pup until we were ready to bring him home after vacation. They were extremely responsive and all the dogs we met were very affectionate and sweet. We could tell they were raised in a loving house. Our dog is the sweetest dog we have ever owned. He is easy to train (although full of energy) and was housebroken almost immediately. I attribute this to Linda and Ralph raising him with other well-behaved dogs. He isn’t perfect, but he is a very good dog and very healthy.

~Elena T Bird

Springer Haven Review by Elena Bird

2/16/2017: We just got our beautiful Poppy from Springer Haven yesterday. We have been very impressed with Linda and Ralph. Not only are they fantastic breeders and trainers, but they are wonderful in preparing adoptive families with all the info and supplies they will need for a smooth and easy transition. We couldn’t be happier. ~Melina McGrew McConnaughy

8/24/2016: We bought our pup, Winnie, in July ’14 and have been thoroughly pleased. We paid a fair price for a quality dog that has been healthy and energetic. She is our 3D Springer and we are very satisfied. We were impressed by the questioning by Linda and Ralph for our suitability for the breed. As you know, they aren’t for everyone. That said, we are thrilled at how well she has assimilated with our 4 grandchildren (6 mos to 3.5 yrs). ~Joseph Matczak

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