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At Springer Haven we’ve devoted years to breeding and caring for English Springer Spaniels…

dog_img_innerWhat we’ve learned in this time has given us a desire to help, not only by introducing Springer Spaniel puppies as loving new members to your family, but by providing services to support those puppies throughout their lives, as well as helping Springer Spaniels and their owners who come to us in need.

The services we offer include:

Springer Spaniel Education – Learn about this wonderful dog.
Springer Spaniel Breeding and Stud Services – Maintaining and continuing a line of healthy, wonderful companions.
Springer Spaniel Boarding – Your puppy will always have a place to go when you’re away.
Springer Spaniel Therapy Dogs – How we give back to the community and those in need of sensitive dogs.
Springer Spaniel Health and Wellness through Reiki – Spiritual caring and healing for your dog.
Springer Spaniel Training – Both basic commands and agility.
Springer Spaniel “Hotline” – Emergency aid, advice and referral to resources.
Springer Spaniel Rescue – Every animal deserves a forever home.
Springer Spaniel Foster Homes and Adoption – Connecting dogs and loving families.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, either to find a wonderful puppy for your home or for our help and support with your adult Springer Spaniel. It’s our heartfelt desire to help this lovely breed and their families.