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Springer Spaniel Therapy Dogs

Springer Spaniel Therapy Dogs
Springerhaven Therapy Dogs

Springer Spaniels make great therapy dogs bringing smiles to people in hospitals and nursing homes.

The idea of an official therapy dog goes all the way back to World War I when an officer’s dog was allowed to stay with him overnight in the ward and not only he but all the soldiers in the unit were cheered and comforted by the presence of a pet dog.

Therapy dogs work today in a variety of settings. Therapy dogs don’t require rigorous training or learning a host of commands. They require that a dog be able to sit, stay, come when called, remain calm and have a warm loving disposition. Often “therapy sessions” are as much fun for the dogs as the patients themselves, and with a variety of people, from children to the elderly.

Their role goes beyond bringing cheer to the ailing and recovering to instilling pride and discipline in the people who train them, from community volunteers to programs that work with juveniles in detention. Caring for a loving animal for a good cause has its own healing nature.

Springer Spaniels make wonderful therapy dogs, with their happy nature and eagerness to please.