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Ralph, Linda, and the Springerhaven family of Spaniels

Springer Spaniel “Hotline”

24 x 7 Emergency Advice and Suggestions – Medical or Training

Springerhaven Hotline

We care a great deal about our breed and their families. We hope to provide useful services to them on a day-to-day or emergency basis,

Our years of working with Springer Spaniels have given us an understanding of their needs and possible medical issues.

Springer Spaniels are lovely, happy dogs. They are athletes (members of the Sporting group) and wonderful pets. Nonetheless, things can sometimes go wrong. In the case of a training, behavior, emotional or medical emergency we try to be there to help and guide.

Of course you should have a vet knowledgeable about the breed. We can help with referring you to a vet, answer questions and assist with emergency referrals.

Whether your Springer Spaniel is purchased or adopted from us, we want to offer that follow-up care. Even if your Springer Spaniel is not one of our litters, but part of the local community or you found us on the Internet, we’d like to offer our help.