Springer Spaniel Breeding and Stud Services

Springer Spaniel AdoptionOur dogs have champion lineage in show and field. Bred according to American Kennel Club standards, personality and good health, we take great pride in our puppies, our dams and our sires.

Our breeding services allows you to have puppies from your own beloved Springer Spaniel bitch, with the high health and breed standards that come with our line.

Our “stud” dogs exceed AKC breed standards and have a record of multiple certificates and achievements. They are also tested to guarantee they are free of genetic inherited illnesses. Our English Springer Spaniel sires are chosen for temperament as much as for quality.

They are our pets just as we know your dam and any puppy produced from the union will be your pet. Breeding service is not rushed. The process is supervised for safety and occurs under ideal conditions to ensures your dog’s comfort and well being, as well as your own.

If a pregnancy does not result from the mating, we can arrange to try again. We of course follow up with you and your dog and would love to meet any puppies that result from the union, as they are after all our family.