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Ralph, Linda, and the Springerhaven family of Spaniels

Springer Spaniel Boarding

Springer Spaniel Boarding

We’ve worked with and cared for English Springer Spaniels for years and feel we truly understand their needs. We understand the environment, situations and diet they’ll thrive on, as well as their particular grooming needs.

Springer Spaniels require room to play and daily exercise. They are, after all, a sporting/hunting breed. They crave the attention of affectionate humans as well as other domestic Springer Spaniels to play with. Games keep their focus and keep them entertained when they would otherwise be missing you. Lots of friends—human and dog—are here to keep them from getting lonesome. We know that English Springer Spaniels require regular trimming and brushing to keep their coats smooth and free of mats.

With advance notice, we gladly offer Springer Spaniel boarding. Any puppy or now-adult dog adopted from us will always have a place to go. For them it’s like a visit home.

Any Springer Spaniel guest staying with us will need paperwork to show that they are up to date on their shots. This is for the safety of your Springer Spaniel as well as ours.