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Springer Spaniel Training

Springer Spaniel Training
Positive and clear communication is the key to training your Springer Spaniel. Springer Spaniels love exercise and they love learning. Bred as hunting companions, they have long worked with humans and the desire to cooperate and please is part of their nature.

As such, Springer Spaniels are among the easiest and most rewarding dogs to train. They come to the process with enthusiasm and intelligence. It is up to the person training them to channel that energy into effective, fun training for both Springer Spaniel and owner.

Working for years with Springer Spaniels we pride ourselves on knowing how to speak “Spaniel”. We can help you communicate clearly with your dog and help by giving you and them a basic background in obedience training.

If you find you want to take it further, Springer Spaniels are wonderful agility dogs. They have the athleticism and eagerness to please that makes agility training fun for them. It can also be fun for you, working together with your dog. Agility competitions are a great social outlet for both people and animals as well as a fun way to interact with your “best friend”.

Let us teach you how to communicate with your Springer Spaniel, whether the goal is competition or basic commands.