Springer Spaniel Health and Wellness through Reiki

Springer Spaniel Reiki

Reiki Healing started in the East but is a concept that goes far back as people. It is essentially the “laying on of hands” to promote health, wellness and well being. The idea of Reiki is that we all, people and animals, have a “life force”, an energy running through us. When that energy is low we are likelier to experience illness and stress.

In this day pets often need this spiritual healing as much as people. Whether stressed in reaction to something going on in their world or their family (such as a move or family member leaving for college) or as a result of past neglect or abuse (too common in this age where homelessness and loss of one’s home is a reality for pets as well as people).

Reiki seeks to soothe those disparate feelings in dogs, returning them to a relaxed, stress-less state, where they feel loved and experience overall well being.